Welcome to SNURK. We are here to make your horizontal life better and more relaxed. Because we are all so busy these days. But just like the battery of our smartphones, we also need to recharge every now and then. And so good sleep and consciously doing nothing are becoming increasingly important.

A SNURK is more than a beautiful duvet cover or piece of clothing. There's quite a story behind that. A sustainable philosophy, a creative manufacturing process and a group of enthusiastic, hardworking people from the Netherlands and Portugal. Just as you will celebrate the art of doing nothing with us, we hope you will also discover the joy of conscious purchasing. This is the story behind the product and whoever reads it is amazing.

There was once..

...an idea that had been in Peggy's head for years. A photo of an unfolded cardboard box, printed on a soft cotton duvet cover. To make people aware of the increasing number of homeless young people and to raise money for their shelter. “Sleep under a cardboard box and help a homeless youth get out of it.”


The first step

In 2007, Peggy van Neer and her husband Erik van Loo made the decision to bring the idea to life. Together they created the Le-Clochard duvet cover. A large part of the proceeds went (and still goes) to the Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland . €99,150 has already been donated until 2023.

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National fame

Erik and Peggy ordered 1,000 covers from all their savings and came up with fun promotions to attract attention. It worked. While they were lying under their cardboard duvet cover on Dam Square in Amsterdam, the police appeared. But also Wendy van Dijk with a camera crew. The ball started rolling.

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SNURK Bedding was born

The Le-Clochard duvet cover was intended as a one-off charity project. Due to all the media attention, the bedding flew out the door. Supplies ran out, but the young couple's enjoyment increased. Ideas for other bedding prints bubbled up, along with the realization that this could become a business. SNURK Bedding was born.

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In 2013, SNURK released its first 'Dream Big' children's bedding. With lifelike photo prints of an astronaut and a princess. Portraying children's dreams as adults was an innovative concept. It meant the breakthrough for SNURK.

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In 2016, Horizontal Wear, the pajama and lounge wear collection, was added to the range. The launch took place during Amsterdam Fashion Week and was received enthusiastically. That same year, the course was set towards sustainable production in Portugal, with only certified organic cotton.

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Nowadays, people from 0 to 99+ years old, from Amsterdam to Australia, sleep under a SNURK. It is sold in more than 1,500 places worldwide and online. 16 people now work at the office and warehouse in Amsterdam, including Erik and Peggy, of course. With an alert view of the sleeping market, they still design beautiful photo prints and sustainable textiles. And so we snore happily ever after.

Meet the SNURK team



SNURK Founder

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SNURK Founder

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Office manager

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Ecommerce Specialist

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Marketing Assistant

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Content Creator

Portrait of Product Designer Michelle


Product Designer

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Sales rep.

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Warehouse Employee

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Warehouse Employee

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Warehouse Employee

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Export Manager

Service from start to finish

We really do our best to make every SNURK customer happy. With quality products and good service. Of course, sometimes things go wrong, or there are things that could be improved. If we do not notice this ourselves, please let us know by email .

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