Hospital patients also sleep under SNURK

Hospital patients also sleep under SNURK

It was a wonderful trip with the Amsterdam UMC, with whom we worked on an extraordinary project a while ago. Looking back, we can't help but be very proud of the result.

The largest Dutch hospital Amsterdam UMC, formerly VUmc and AMC, approached us with the request to redesign their bedding. An enormous honor that has led to something extraordinary.

Together with the hospital's dedicated staff we have created a beautiful origami crane print. Because the paper birds you see on the duvet are folded with love and care by the hands of the hospital staff themselves. More than 1,000 paper birds in total!

The cranes are not just decorative; they carry a deeper symbolism. Folding it, according to age-old Japanese tradition, brings prosperity and good health. A beautiful wish to be able to give to the patients.

And good news: the SNURK Crane Bird print can not only be found on hospital beds, but also available in our own bedding collection. So, if you also want to enjoy the warmth and symbolism of these cranes in your own bedroom, you can! To Crane Birds bedding.

For every Crane Bird duvet sold, we also donate €1 to the Cancer Center Amsterdam. These donations contribute to essential research into cancer medicines and improved treatment methods. We are happy to report that thanks to your support , more than €11,500 has already been raised.

Let's hope that this amount continues to rise and that as many patients as possible can soon sleep healthy in their own bed again.

Duvet cover from SNURK with the Crane Birds print


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