With SNURK the whole family in matching prints!

With SNURK the whole family in matching prints!

SNURK likes to make sleeping and lounging on the couch a party. We do this with special bedding and really cool sleep & lounge wear. We are known for our characteristic photo prints, for young and old.

In our opinion, the pajamas are not actually pajamas, nor are they jogging suits or house suits. It is the ideal mix of all three, printed with great prints. This results in a super comfortable outfit that you can wear day and night.

We therefore call our clothing Horizontal Wear: the outfit you wear during the horizontal moments in your life. In bed, on the couch or on the beach. All pieces are available separately, so you can mix and match in size and print.

A frequently used SNURK slogan is 'Twinning is winning!' and that is why the SNURK collection is available from baby size 56 to adult XXL, and all sizes in between.


Which print will we see your family twinning in this summer? Will it be the delicious marshmallows, the cozy hedgehogs or the cheerful daisies?

Whatever it will be, it will be a warm, cozy winter with SNURK.


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