Produce consciously, waste as little as possible.

In fact, it should onlythe norm for a textile company to produce as humanly and environmentally friendly as possible. In any case, SNURK does everything it can.

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GOTS certified

SNURK works exclusively with GOTS certified organic cotton. This is the strictest quality mark for organic cotton. So no self-invented quality mark from the marketing department. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) exists to define and monitor globally recognized requirements for organic textiles. From harvesting the raw materials, environmentally and socially responsible production to labelling: GOTS-certified textiles offer certainty for the environmentally conscious consumer. Read more here .

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Within the EU

Our products are made in Portugal. Because there is real craftsmanship in family businesses that have been around for generations. We found reliable partners there who also like to supply beautiful, high-quality products in a sustainable way. They also work within the rules of the EU and it is closer. So no long-distance air or sea transport, but limited kilometers for trucks. In addition, all our products are also Oekotex certified. This is the well-known label for textiles that have been tested for harmful substances. It stands for high product safety.

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Limitierte Abfalleditionen

We work as efficiently as possible in the production process. There are still dust residues left. You can throw them away or burn them. Shame and polluting. We still like our prints from last season this season. So we're making something fun with it again. We call them our Limited Waste Editions, because they usually appear in small, unique editions. Sometimes it's bags, other times it's clothing. Our newsletter members always shop these first.

This is what we stand for. And behind.

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We only use organic cotton, sustainably produced in Portugal. Being aware of our impact on the environment helps everyone sleep better.

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Selbstgemachte Drucke

We create beautiful, imaginative prints for bedding and lounge wear. Made with my own hand, camera and photoshop. Driven to give new meaning to the art of doing nothing.

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Horizontales Glück

We like to make sleeping and lounging on the couch a party, without making any concessions to quality. We believe that you should not have to choose between fun and conscious.

Why our bedding sleeps so well.

Anyone who has slept under it once will often not want anything else: a soft SNURK duvet cover made from high-quality organic cotton. Because cotton comes in many types and you can feel the difference.

SNURK works exclusively with percale and percaline cotton. For example, all our duvet covers with a print have at least 160 cotton threads per square inch. With our uni colors this is even 220 threads (percal). This indicates a weave density that is much higher than average cotton bedding (100 threads per inch).

SNURK cotton is therefore more durable, softer and more flexible. In addition, we comb the yarns. To prevent impurities and fluff (peeling). We can talk for hours about our cotton fabric, but a piece in your hands says more than 1,000 words. That's why we're happy to send it to you for FREE. Send an email to with your name and address and we will do the rest.

You'll never want to take off our Horizontal Wear.

Our Horizontal Wear is a mix between pajamas and lounge wear. Super comfortable clothes that you can wear day or night, indoors or outdoors; it's your party. Made from the softest, organic stretch cotton from Portugal. Perfect for sleeping in, lazy Sundays, working from home, Netflix marathons or holidays. Children also wear it to school and don't blame them. Comfort is king!

Entschleunigen Sie die Mode

A new collection is released twice a year: we are into slow fashion. It is available for all ages: babies, children, teenagers, women and men. We also do not discriminate in prints. So you can wear matching SNURK clothing with the whole family. Just imagine that Easter or Christmas breakfast. ;-)

The fit? Relaxed fit of course.

Our fit aims to let you relax in style. The fabric is soft and stretch, the cut is loose and relaxed, but never looks sloppy. Cuddle up in the long sleeves in the winter. Dresses that are airy and loose in the summer. And where possible we add deep pockets. New styles appear in the collection every now and then, but basically our sweaters, pants and dresses remain the same fit.