Designed in Amsterdam, made in Portugal.

Everything from SNURK is conceived and designed in Amsterdam and then responsibly produced in Portugal. There is a fun thinking and making process behind it, which we present to you here.

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The SNURK designers devise and make all the prints themselves in Amsterdam. They set the bar high for themselves. A SNURK print must always be more beautiful, better and more original than what already exists. And preferably there is also a nice wink in it. They get inspiration for these prints from everyday life, combined with trends from fashion and interior design.

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Once a print theme has been devised, it must be implemented. Sometimes that means manual work (such as with this origami animal). It is then photographed and further processed in the computer. Nowadays we are also playing with the wonderful world of AI

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Designers Peggy and Michelle regularly go to Portugal, where our producers are located. We work closely with local textile companies that - just like us - value honesty, sustainability and quality. We have maintained the same relationships for years.

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To press

Here you see our dinosaur print that is screen printed on organic cotton. We also work a lot with digital printing machines. For example, our clothing is always printed digitally.

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We always double check whether the print turned out nice, the fabric feels good and the colors are correct. That extra attention and control often makes the difference for us between 'nice' and really beautiful.

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The fabric is cut, sewn and packed in the Portuguese sewing workshop. By hand, one by one. So no large automated machine that spits out a ready-made product. Because we work with small family businesses, the working conditions are neat and good. The annual audits carried out by GOTS (the quality mark for organic fibers and sustainable entrepreneurship) ensures that every link in the chain becomes more sustainable and social every year.

Dream big.

SNURK has been making designer bedding since 2007. The most popular are still the covers that transform you into an astronaut, princess, shark tamer, mermaid or whatever your dream is. We put a lot of time and attention into making prints as realistic as possible. Not a ready-made picture from the internet, but a self-made photo of the real thing. It is not always easy to find 'the real thing'. Because where do you get a real astronaut suit? And how do you photograph a mermaid or fairy, when we all know how shy they are?

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When the idea for the Astronaut cover came up, it was immediately clear that only a real astronaut suit would suffice. At the Dutch Space Expo museum we found a classic Apollo Moon suit. And luckily for all the astronauts-to-be, we were allowed to borrow it for a day. Fun fact: SNURK founder Erik modeled the suit for the photo.

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Mermaid & Fairy

When dreams are about fantasy figures, it takes a little more creativity to make them come true. For the mermaid we photographed a real fish tail and covered a bustier with sea pearls and shells. Our fairy duvet cover is an ode to Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies, an illustrated book from 1923. We took photos of flower calyxes, insect wings and sewed a pointed green tights ourselves.

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The ballerina duvet cover is a collaboration with the National Ballet. Not only did they provide us with a beautiful tutu, but also one of their professional ballerinas to pose in it (Nancy Burer). When you consider that our National Ballet company is among the absolute best in the world, this print becomes even more special. If ballet is your dream, this is your duvet cover.

Homemade crafts

SNURK cherishes a preference for handicraft print themes. It gives us the freedom to play with beautiful textures and optical illusions. The help of craft specialists is often called in. Sometimes even all employees of a hospital.

We fold, we knit, we clay...

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Crane Birds & Paper Zoo

The largest hospital in the Netherlands, Amsterdam UMC, asked us to redesign their bedding. That resulted in this origami crane print. What makes it extra special is that the paper birds you see were folded by hospital staff. Together they folded 1,000 cranes, because according to Japanese tradition, this number brings prosperity and good health.

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Turn your duvet into a play mat' was the basic idea for this print. But just empty streets on a child's bed, that looks a bit boring. So we wanted to add cars and motorcycles made from Play-Dough clay. Playfully imperfect and cheerful. Ceramic artist Georgina Vieane knew what to do with it.

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In the meantime a SNURK classic: our knitted wool blanket print. Copied by many, but never equaled. That's because our XL wool print is actually knitted with XL balls of wool and bSpacesticks as knitting needles. And because it is such a large piece of knitting, we named the print after the knitter: Twirre van Kraaijenoord .