Why we are so expensive.

Why we are so expensive.

We sometimes come across indignant comments on social media about the price of our products. We understand that, there is a lot of cheaper bedding and lounge wear available. So why does a SNURK cost what it does? We are happy to explain.

Text: Peggy van Neer, co-owner SNURK.
Image: Marble Universe duvet cover: Order here.

Actually, we are just stupid entrepreneurs.

To start with, we finance SNURK ourselves ( in 2007 Erik and I started with €15,000 savings ) and, due to our relatively small size, we purchase far fewer kilometers of fabric than, for example, IKEA or HEMA. As a result, the meter price is already higher. In addition, we choose higher quality cotton, i.e. more expensive, with more threads per cm2. That lasts longer than average and the customer therefore needs a new one less quickly. Really beautiful fabrics, but less smart from a business perspective.

Then again, we genuinely attach importance to people and the environment. As a result, we do not produce in China or Bangladesh, but in Europe (Portugal), where the hourly wage is much higher and only adult people work normal hours. Also unfavorable for the cost price and margin.

We then choose organic, beautiful cotton. And not the cheaper fake organic variant (yep that exists, complete with wash-nose quality mark) but real GOTS certified organic cotton . The strictest standard in organic fibers worldwide. Pricey - because really - and also a pain in the ass . Every year GOTS carries out strict and time-consuming audits throughout our entire production chain. Does the average consumer know the difference? We fear not, but we ourselves do.

At this point in the story, fast business guys usually start looking at us with pity, but we're not there yet! In addition to independence, quality, humanity and sustainability, we also attach great importance to creativity. We invest far too much time and attention in developing our prints. We want to be original and innovative and make really nice prints. If necessary, we first clay, craft, fold or build it by hand, photograph it and process it ourselves into a print design. We also do not opt ​​for the cheaper printing methods, but for digital print. More expensive, but with much nicer and sharper results.

And last but not least there is our customer service. That could just be a chatbot these days. Which loser still puts his address and telephone number easily findable on the site? And does an employee have a special job to make disappointed customers happy? Well, so us. Suppose a customer wants a duvet adjusted, with a zipper at the bottom, then we will do that for that customer, free of charge...

So you end up with a price that is higher than average. As a result, a large group of people immediately drop out. That's a pity. But fortunately there is also a steadily growing group that has appreciated our products and stupid sustainable choices for years. And we are proud of that! At SNURK you buy an honestly made, high-quality product that hopefully radiates love and creativity and really improves your horizontal life. Where else can you find something like that?


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