Our new bedding packaging!

Our new bedding packaging!

Our new bedding packaging! - designed by Studio Kluif ( studiokluif.nl )

Towards a plastic-free world. At SNURK we are always working on how we can minimize our impact on the environment. By only working with GOTS certified organic cotton and preventing residual destruction with our Limited Waste Editions.
This year we wanted to drastically reduce our dependence on plastic packaging.

We enlisted the help of the renowned designers of Studio Kluif ( studiokluif.nl ). That turned out to be a good decision, because we are so proud and happy with our new bedding packaging!
With this packaging, Studio Kluif proves that sustainability and super beautiful design simply go hand in hand.

Exactly what SNURK itself stands for. By using untreated cardboard as a sleeve around our bedding, our total plastic consumption is reduced by almost 50%!

There are still plastic bags around our clothing, but we have also taken another step in this area: from now on we will only use recycled plastic bags around SNURK clothing.
Our goal is of course to be 100% plastic free, but we are not there yet. Because our producers and you, the customers, must also be ready for it. Some may find the disappearance of the plastic bag around our bedding impractical or unsanitary.
That's right: nothing works as well as plastic. But here and there we will have to take a step back in convenience and habits to guarantee each other a healthy future. We're going for it! Our new cardboard bedding packaging has been in circulation since this season, but not all of our duvet covers have been sold yet. This happens in phases. It is therefore possible that when you purchase a SNURK duvet cover, you may still receive old plastic packaging.
But know that we will quickly go from A to Better!

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Hélène Kleyssen

Zeer goed bezig, hier moeten we allemaal naar toe.
Maar SNURK is hier al lang mee begonnen.
En er nog steeds mee bezig.
Kunnen velen nog een poepie aan ruiken.
Overal goed in WILLEN zijn is de gedachte van Snurk.
Kwaliteit, design service , duurzaam
Kan er zo nog een paar opnoemen.
En Kwaliteit TOP TOP bezig.!!!

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